Death comes to us all, eventually......

It died. It finally died. This is very very sad. My router finally coughed it's other lung and fell over. :)

A sad day indeed. Now I have no idea what I'm going to do to replace it, considering I'm flat broke and I doubt my parents will understand why it needs to be replaced (at least until they discover they can't get online at all). Damnit. Damnit damnit.

I'm going to go mourn now.
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Phinals are phun

Well, it's finals time. Just finished my first final, 2 more to go. Another one tonight.

So I believe I did "ok" on my Java final. It's a beginning programming class, so of course is was rather easy. I mostly didn't know the questions on drawing, and function naming. Too much GUI for a beginning class, if you ask me. But other than the GUI (which, of course, accounted for over half the final), I did rather well. :)

My Cisco CCNA class is tonight. If I can manage to recram the knowledge into my brain, I'll do fine. I aced the hands-on final, of course. In fact, I was the first one done. Setting up routers is easy pie. data structures, on the other hand, I'm not doing so well in. I figure I'll fail (or get a D, which is the same thing). These things happen. I'll just have to suck it up, ignore the complaining from my father, and try again. Though not at DVC, I think I'll save that one for Chico (which, if you didn't know, I'm trying to get into). From what I hear from my prof, he'll be teaching it in Java next semester. I, for one, am not looking forward to doing queus with references.

On to more exciting things! (well, maybe not) So I figure I'll have a month free to do whatever the hell I want, so I think it's about damn time I got around to actually doing something with my website ( If anyone has any design suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them. Visual design isn't my strongpoint, I'll tell you that much. I mean, just look at the site now. It looks like I puked on my monitor. :)
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Addicted, me? Never!

Wow. Apparently there is wireless access in my CSC class!

Sadly, we appear to have a nazi netadmin. All ports but 80 seem to be blocked. :(

Anyone know of a http AIM client? :)

(damnit, I can't ssh into my computers back at home, what a crock!)


Ok, I missed class on Tuesday, so I don't know how I did on the first midterm. :)

Took the second one tonight. I'll do well if everyone else in the class fucks it up. Gotta love the curve. ;-)

I had to skip all the questions on binary trees (there were a lot of them, god DAMN), because I couldn't remember a damn thing about binary trees.....other than they are...well...trees of two.

But now I'm going to bitch. What the *fuck* happened to the 33 multiple choice and true/false questions he promised us?! That damned test was 50 questions, ALL CODE! Fucker. :)
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What, exactly, am I smoking?

Did I just volunteer to be on the Board of Directors for What the hell was I thinking?

On a side note.....did I just actually study for, and pass my mitderm? What the hell was I thinking?

On another side I actually contemplating studying for *and passing* my second midterm? What, am I becomming a fecking student or something? And doing my homework too! Yikes!

Next thing you know I'll actually be socializing with people, and maybe even find companionship and/or love! (ok, so maybe not that last one ;-)

I even sent my resume off to a company (kinda) the other day too. I must be sick. Or maybe a pod person took over my body.

Yea, that's it. I'm a pod person. Gotta be.
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Oh, for all you wondering about that paper I was supposed to write....well, I never got it written. It was for photography. If I drop that class, it doesn't matter anyways! Eh? Eh?
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School school school

Well, I finally got around to making my counselling appointment down at school. I'm probably going to end up applying to CSU Chico as well as Cal Poly and Cogswell. After seeing Chico, I really would love to go there. I could spend days at a time in the wilderness surrounding Chico......gets me moist just thinking about it. :)

So it looks like I'm probably going to drop photography. Being as behind as I am in my other classes, plus having *2* programming classes (one being data structures), I don't have enough time this semester to run around in the mountains snapping B&W photos. What do you people think? Should I drop it?

On the geekier side of things, I've got apache mostly figured out, and subversion all set up. For all you geeks, you *must* look at subversion. It's so much better than CVS. And no, you don't *need* apache to set up a subversion repository either.

Next up on the list....bind! Anyone wanna help me figure *this* fat pig out?
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Bad Xenith!

It's happened again. I'm getting way behind in my schoolwork, and missing lots of classes.

This always seems to happen. Though I'm not too surprised.

Time to get this train back on track!

I try and post every now and then, but honestly. Who the hell wants to read about my boring-ass life? :)
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